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The Principe oil is produced within the Agnellaro oil mill, an expression of a very strong attachment to the family's agricultural tradition and origins. An identity with the territory that today's generations have handed down, giving life to an increasingly refined oil production that is attentive to environmental sustainability.

Since 1991, the mill has been producing extra virgin olive oil and monovarietals such as Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Passulunara. Located in the industrial area of Aragona, in the province of Agrigento, it offers services of harvesting, milling and grinding of olives and bottling of extra virgin olive oil for companies and individuals.

foto campo 3.jpg
foto campo 3.jpg


The harvesting phase of our olives takes place in the period of October and November in the vast area of IGP olive groves of Biancolilla, Nocellara and Passulunara varieties located in the area of c.da Mandrazzi between Comitini and Aragona.

The techniques we use are that of hand picking and combing. The first consists in the individual hand-picking of the fruit, the second takes place with the aid of a machine which delicately detaches the olive from the leaf like a comb. Both methods guarantee higher quality oil production because during the harvesting phase the olives are selected and chosen with care.


THE milling

It is the first phase of oil extraction. Within 12 hours of harvesting, the olives are transported to the mill and deposited in transpiring baskets  and discharged into an inverted pyramid-shaped tank, called a hopper.

From the hopper, through conveyor belts, the olives cleaned of leaves and branches are washed and subjected to mechanical actions with the main purpose of breaking the fruit of the olives and separating it from the membranes that compose it. From this phase an oil paste is obtained, transferred to the so-called kneaders and kneaded for about 30 minutes at a controlled temperature below 27 degrees to ensure cold extraction

area stoccaggio.jpg
area stoccaggio.jpg

the extraction

The cold extraction of the olives or pressing consists in the production of olive oil through a mechanical process, during which the temperature where the oil obtained from the milling resides is maintained on the basis of the regulation Reg. (EU) 29/2012, below 27°C.

The oil stored in steel silos is subjected to chemical and organoleptic analyzes to ensure that it maintains its gustatory qualities unaltered and protects it from any alterations.  

The processing techniques together with the guarantee of the BIO and IGP brand ensure the Principe Oil and its consumers the highest quality and value.

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