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Olio Principe was born from grandfather Rosario's dream of giving life to the fruits of his land. Since 1991 a legacy that the children and grandchildren have transformed over time into a successful agricultural enterprise. 
olioprincipe_nonno rosario
olioprincipe_nonno rosario

the beginnings

In 1954 Rosario Pendolino, father of Alfonso, Stefano and Giuseppe, bought twenty hectares of land on the Sican hills in the Aragona area (AG). In the following years the plots of land were enlarged and the Pendolino farm came to possess up to 6000 olive tree plants of the Passulunara, Nocellara, Biancolilla varieties.

the oil mill

It was in 1991 that the sons founded an oil mill and in 2000 they equipped it with an air-conditioned storage area and a bottling plant. In those years the first marketing of the oil product began, which began to be bottled under the Principe brand. A name much appreciated by grandfather Rosario, because it is associated with the symbolic place of the Aragonese historical tradition of Palazzo Principe, seat of the Town Hall and former sixteenth-century residence of Prince Naselli.  

area stoccaggio.jpg

the present

Since 2020, the company has been managed by his son Giuseppe with his wife Rosa and by his grandchildren Leandro, Alberto and Gabriele who, thanks to their experience in the field and their training, are directing the Olio Principe brand towards success and pushing the product towards international market.

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